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About Central London Counselling Services Ltd

Central London Counselling Services Ltd is a boutique style company sitting in the Employee Assistance Programme sector.

Our mission is to collaborate with our client organisations in service of delivering and maintaining workplace health and wellbeing for their staff.

For the last 10 years we have provided organisations and businesses across all sectors with effective psychological services to address their problems and help staff and the organisation get back on track.

Our core services include: Coaching, Workplace Mediation, Training, Solution Focussed Counselling & Business Counselling, Organisational Trauma Services and Psychotherapy.

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally. Our reputation is for delivering and maintaining high levels of competence and professionalism and we go the extra mile for our clients.

To discuss how we can help you call us on 07939 515863 or get in touch via our contact page.


One of our favourite poems:

The Travelling Soul – William Ayot

After the thunder and the rain,
the sudden squall which broke the evening,
morning comes with its quiet blessing
of dappled stillness and steaming sunlight.

The graceful ash trees slowly exhale,
songbirds return to their confident foraging,
an ancient church bell calls the hour
and the new day opens like a bud.

I have ached to stand in such quiet moments,
my senses alive to every happening:
the drilling of the woodpecker,
the rootlings of the boar,
the delicate twitch of the grazing deer.

I want the smell of the grass to heal me,
the dew to cleanse my travelling soul.
This morning I can be a part of the stillness.
Today I can rest in the calm of the world.


© William Ayot
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