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Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace is common place; if left to get out of hand it can be corrosive of relationships, reputation, harm customer service and damage the business bottom line. Yet conflict is an inevitable feature of human relationships and often an opportunity for growth and understanding if approached creatively rather than being dominated by difficult feelings such as anger, resentment or overwhelming fear.

Workplace Mediation delivers an independent confidential and cost effective way of resolving conflict in the organisation and getting your people and business back on track . We aim to provide a win win for those involved. Workplace Mediation sits alongside the organisation but outside of any formal grievance or disciplinary proceedings. Successful Workplace Mediation can spare those involved unnecessary pain and suffering as well as save the individuals and organisation costly and protracted formal proceedings.

Our Workplace Mediators are also professional psychotherapists with years of experience of working with work related dynamics.

We aim to re-align the parties involved with the overall mission, aim and purpose of the organisation and re-establish work relationships, values and behaviours to bring this about.

A typical Workplace Mediation process will involve one to one sessions by telephone or in person before the mediation session takes place between the parties directly involved.

To discuss the benefits of Workplace Mediation call us on 07939 515 863, or get in touch via our contact page