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Solution Focused Business Counselling

Solution Focused Business CounsellingSolution Focussed Business Counselling offers something different from work-place coaching, line management, and HR support, when a member of your team is distressed, concerned, uncertain, angry, or under performing. Our UK wide associates are professionally trained and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists. They have experience of working organisationally, understanding and holding multiple relationships, as well as the full range of issues typically bought to counselling.

Feedback tells us that this form of counselling helps when someone is struggling. Most cited as of value is having someone impartial to listen, who is outside of the workplace and family, who is able to help make sense of difficult issues and relationships.

There maybe a problem at home, a bereavement, sudden onset symptoms such poor sleep, panic attacks, loss of concentration, or more enduring issues around depression, anxiety, or maintaining relationships. Situations at work may link in with these, such as re-organisation, problems with a colleague, being performance managed.

If there has been a traumatic incident such as an accident, heart attack, or sudden death of a colleague please see our page of trauma.

The counsellor is able to offer your team member somewhere confidential to explore these issues and the underlying feelings. They will work together to agree a focus of the work, always maintaining an organisational focus whilst still working with the particular issues for the individual.

Our counsellors are case managed by other psychotherapists who have specialist knowledge and many years experience managing teams and organisations.

Call us on 07939 515 863, or get in touch via our contact page to discuss how our services could help you and your business.